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~Held Together~
Mental Health Education for New parents

All classes held online. Click                       to sign up and get your link!
Pregnant Belly

(101) Get Ready:

Postpartum Planning

Learn about how to set yourself up for better mental health after your baby comes.  Learn about risk factors, symptoms, and prevention of prenatal and postpartum depression and anxiety, and when to get support should you need it.  Also start self-care and relationship practices that will help you stay grounded and connected postpartum.

First class coming soon!  Check back in November!

(102) Taking Care:

Adjusting to Parenthood

Join other new parents in normalizing all the natural ups and downs of this transition into parenthood.  Find strategies for moving through grief, identity challenges, body changes, relationship changes, and the general emotional roller coaster.  Solidify self-care practices and find your feet under you as you learn to adjust to being needed, and needing in a new way!

First class coming soon!  Check back in November!
Holding Hands

(103) Family Matters:

Strengthening Relationships

Strengthen your listening and communication skills in order to stay connected to your partner, your family, and others during what could feel like a isolating time.  Develop new relational and emotional habits that will serve your partnership now and your children down the road.

First class coming soon!  Check back in November!
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