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I have been trained and certified by Postpartum Support International to be a Perinatal Mental Health Certified Professional, aware of symptoms, risk factors, screening, assessment, treatment and support for a range of perinatal mental health issues.  Additionally I have completed the advanced post-graduate training with Karen Kleiman of the Postpartum Stress Center: "The Art of Holding Perinatal Women in Distress: Assessment, Treatment, and Advanced Clinical Practice."


I hold a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology from Lewis and Clark College: Graduate School of Counseling and Education.  Major coursework included: human growth and development with an emphasis in child and adolescent adjustment; group, individual, family and couple’s counseling; trauma and crisis intervention; diversity, social justice and cultural awareness; and assessment and diagnosis of mental and emotional disorders, expressive arts therapy, and more.  I also completed one year of coursework in the Education Specialist degree program, which provides me a good understanding of the education system.  I have completed a 6-month facilitation-training program - The Heart of Facilitation, and several advanced Effective Communication and Relationship Building Seminars.  I have been trained in Restorative Justice Principles and Practices by Resolve in Medford, OR, and in Collaborative and Proactive Solutions by Ross Greene.  I have additional training in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, with Pat Ogden, and recently the SAFE EMDR model through the Personal Transformation Institute.  I have passed the national counseling board exam, and engage in ongoing continuing education opportunities in order to continue to hone skills and stay updated on current research in the counseling world.  I have been in practice for over 11 years.

I have worked as a Mental Health Therapist and Skills Trainer at mental health agencies in Portland, OR, working with families of diverse backgrounds.  I have also served as the Prevention Specialist and Mental Health Therapist at a Portland high school and as the Child Development Specialist in schools in Ashland, OR.  


My undergraduate education was at Western Washington University (Fairhaven College) in Bellingham, WA, where I constructed an interdisciplinary degree integrating psychology, alternative education, cultural studies, and community building, called "Creativing Compassionate Co-Learning Communities."  I have developed and implemented several personal growth and community building retreats and workshops for high school and college-aged students.

A little more about me:

I grew up in Ashland, OR and moved back several years ago to have a family.  We have an 9-year-old boy who keeps us very busy and makes us laugh everyday, and a 6-year-old daughter who bubbles with joy and is quite the ambassador.  After the birth of my son, I discovered creative film-making as a deeply therapeutic outlet for me, using dance and poetry to tell stories of motherhood and my creative journey, and to inspire authentic expression in others.  I have been lucky to screen two films at the Ashland Independent Film Festival.  I have been a dancer my whole life, and I love to camp, hike, paint, cook with friends, swim outside and talk about matters of the soul.  In the last 4 years I have experienced an unexpected life transformation that led me to dive deep into studying the Bible and it's history.  I have become deeply passionate about the wisdom and truths found there, and when invited, I love exploring these with others.


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